Integration Courses

OIF GutscheinAlpha Sprachinstitut Austria is an officially certified language institute by the AUSTRIAN INTEGRATION FUND (ÖIF) and by the CITY OF VIENNA.

We are pleased to accept your vouchers from ÖIF and the vouchers from the City of Vienna.

As a very beginner you need to attend 3 months of intensive course to reach an A2-level.


3 months intensive course until A2 exam

Course fee

- ÖIF Voucher

- 3 City of Vienna Vouchers

€ 1.670,-

€ 750,-

€ 300,-

Your costs after refund

€ 620,-

OIF Gutschein

The course fee has to be paid in advance, after passing the A2 exam you will get a refund of EUR 750,- from the Austrian Integration Fund. The City of Vienna vouchers EUR 300,- are deducted, so the amount to pay is EUR 1.370,-.

If you want to book one month only, please contact us.

Details for the Integration Agreement



Unsere Partner: ÖSD Prüfungszentrum, Österreichischer Integrationsfonds, Campus Austria, Wiener Bildungspass, British Council Exams Partnership Programme