Study in Austria


Do you want to study at a university in Austria or in Germany? If yes, you will need a very good knowledge of German, which you most likely will have to prove with a German certification. Alpha Sprachinstitut Austria gives you a unique opportunity to be fully prepared for this German test and to show proof of your certification:

Admission to Austrian Universities
  • Zertifikat Mittelstufe or Oberstufe of the Austrian German Diploma
  • Wirtschaftssprache Deutsch of the Austrian German Diploma

In order to study at an Austrian university, you must also have a student permit in your own country for the same area of study.

To receive full information about studying in Austria please visit: ÖAD - Österr. Austauschdienst and ÖH - Österr. Hochschülerschaft.



Scholarships for attending a German Course are available through:

The Ministry of Education, Science and Research

gives scholarships for German courses. Information is available at the Austrian Embassy in your country.


The European Union

The EU offers further means for language accommodations (especially for German students) in a foreign country as part of the Socrates Program. LINGUA


Academic Credits

for students from the USA

You can receive credits when you attend a German course at Alpha Sprachinstitut Austria. These credits are recognized by universities and colleges in the USA. Please obtain information at your university well in advance of your German course to ensure that your German course will be recognized for credit, and to find out which documents will be required.

Unsere Partner: ÖSD Prüfungszentrum, Österreichischer Integrationsfonds, Campus Austria, Wiener Bildungspass, British Council Exams Partnership Programme