Financial Support


WAFF Financial Support

Alpha Sprachinstitut Austria is recognized German course provider.


  • you are older than 18.
  • you do not have a current contract of employment.
  • your current place of residence is Vienna.
  • you were or are on maternity leave or sabbatical.


WAFF Wien, Nordbahnstraße 36, 1020 Wien
Tel.: +43(1) 217 48, E-Mail:,

WAFF Chancen-Scheck

With the Chancen-Scheck, the WAFF support Vienna residents in employment…

  • who wish to complete their apprenticeship examination later in life – with 90% of the course fees up to € 3,000.- max., incl. the full apprenticeship examination fee
  • who wish to have qualifications obtained abroad recognised – with 90% of the course fees up to € 3,000.- max.
  • who wish to complete a vocational training and further education – with 90% of the course fees up to € 1,000.- max.
  • with free advice on vocational further education

WAFF Weiterbildungskonto

supports vocational education measures of unemployed and employed people from Vienna.

Scale of financial aid

  • Employed people and new immigrants with a limited residence permit: 50 % of the tuition max. € 200.-
  • Unemployed people (or: maternal or educational leave, social income support): 50 % of the tuition max. € 300.-


WAFF supports with PISA PLUS employed people from Vienna, who are interested in a professional development or further education.

  • replacement of 70 or 90 % of the course tuition up to a maximum fee of € 1,100., if you did an apprenticeship or attended a middle school (berufsbildende mittlere Schule) as your highest education or if you acquired your education in your original country that is not acknowledged in Austria.
  • for employed people from 40 years onwards – replacement of course tuition up to 70% – a maximum of € 1,100.-

FRECH – Frauen ergreifen Chancen

FRECH is a special program for employed women of Vienna, who want to change their professional career.
Provided that the applicant attended a middle school (berufsbildende mittlere Schule) or did an apprenticeship at highest, WAFF can support necessary and in the curriculum determined educational measures up to a maximum fee of € 3,700.- or 90 % of the tuition.


You were or are on maternity leave or a sabbatical and want to go back to working life? The consultants of NOVA plan your re-entry to the professional world.
Support for course tuition up to € 2,700.-

Logo AMS

AMS Financial Support

Alpha courses can be financed by AMS Wien or AMS Niederösterreich

Please get in touch with your AMS Consultant.

Then come to our Office or write an eMail to, to get a quotation.

AMS Educational Sabbatical

The AMS finances further training measures for people on an educational leave.

AMS Qualification Support

The new AMS qualification support finances 50 % of the course costs of employees for men and women under 45 with max. a certificate of a compulsory school or men and women older than 45.

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Ministry of Internal Affairs

Integration courses

Alpha Sprachinstitut Austria is allowed to hold integration courses. With us you can book between 50 and 300 Units (two weeks to 3 month intensive course) with your voucher. You will get back up to 750,- EUR after having passed the A2-level exam.

Alpha Sprachinstitut Austria organizes the refund for you.

Logo Wiener Bildungspass

City of Vienna Financial Support

Wiener Bildungspass

In your Bildungspass you will find vouchers which we will accept as cash.

Also you will get consultations in your mothertongue. Every voucher needs to be stamped and dated and one voucher can be used for at least 80 units.

eContact to get the voucher: MA17, 1200 Wien, Dresdnerstr. 93

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State of Lower Austria Financial Support

Alpha Sprachinstitut Austria is an acknowledged language course provider.


The state of Lower Austria pays employed people with their main residence in Lower Austria a educational support of 50% or 80% of the course tuition (date: 2011) up to a maximum of € 2,640.- within 6 years for further education in your professional area.

More information and the application form for the NÖ Bildungsförderung can be found on their website: