Life Quality

Vienna – the most livable city in the world !

The results of the study in 2017 also gave Vienna top marks and made the Austrian federal capital the most livable city in the world for the eighth time in a row.

Life quality is something that is very important for all inhabitants of Vienna. That the quality of life in Vienna is very high is confirmed by many foreigners who live here, study here, or who work for the many international organizations and businesses. A person is able to finish his normal day without any unnecessary hectic, and never forgets that life can also be fun. People meet in coffee houses, in Viennese restaurants, or at many festivals. The many parks and greenery in the city make it possible to feel better within a short period of time. Vienna is a very safe city, and the crime level is very low compared to other international cities.

Costs of living

Costs of living in Vienna are nearly the same as in the rest of the European Union. You should bring approximately € 100,00 pocket money per week with you. This is enough for food, public transport etc. When you go out often in the evening to theatres or pubs and restaurants you need more money. For a cinema ticket you pay approx. € 7,- for a theatre ticket € 25,- for the opera from € 45,- on, standing places in the opera cost € 3,50. For a meal in a mensa you pay approx. € 5,-, cheap restaurants offer main meals from € 8,- on, in more expensive restaurants you pay from € 18,- onwards. Beverages cost approx. € 2,50.

City Transportation

Vienna is served by a network of subways (U-Bahn), trams and buses. Individual tickets cost € 2,10, weekly tickets € 15,80, and monthly tickets € 47,00. Alpha Sprachinstitut Austria is located in the crossing points of the most important underground lines and trams.


Most students who travel to Vienna bring their mobile phones with them. Since June 2017 there are no EURoaming charges within the within the European Union.

We offer free W-lan for our students.


The Euro is the currency in Austria. Bankomats provide money 24 hours a day. Credit cards are accepted by Alpha and in many shops in Vienna.


Austria enjoys a moderate continental climate: summers are warm and pleasant with cool nights, and winters are sunny, with snow levels high enough for widespread winter sports.

Emergency Numbers

Ambulance 144 – Police 133 – Fire Department 122

Official Holidays

On official holidays the school is closed.

Official holidays in Austria are:

New Year’s Day, Epiphany Jan. 6, Easter Monday, Labour Day May 1st, Ascension Day, White Monday, Corpus Christi, Assumption Aug. 15, National Holiday Oct. 26, All Saints’ Day Nov. 1, Immaculate Conception Dec. 8, Christmas Day Dec. 25, St Stephen’s Day Dec. 26.


IMPORTANT: Students have to arrange insurance for themselves, also cancellation insurance is recommended. Information on travel insurance can be found among others at WorldTravelCenter, International Student.