Methodology of our German Courses

Right from the first lesson on you communicate in the new language. You will learn to speak, read, understand and write as quickly as possible. Emphasis is put on communication.

To ensure your utmost success our trainers use a large variety of work patterns: group work, work in pairs, role-playing, discussions and interviews – you are always participating actively.

In class you will work with modern textbooks and additional materials taylor made for each group. Multi-media teaching resources are provided as well.

Why learn German?

– In the European Union German becomes more and more important, especially in the world of business.

– 101 million Europeans speak German as their first language.

– If you learn German you improve your chances on the employment market.

– If you learn German you get access to a large and important cultural and historical sphere.

– German is also the language of the great world literature from Goethe to Schiller and from Peter Handke to Thomas Bernhard.

Mozart, Bach and Beethoven also had German as their first language.

– Due to the latest teaching methods learning German is just as easy
as learning any other language.

Why learn German in Vienna?

Learn German in the country where it is being spoken – Austria and Vienna provide the ideal location.

Vienna – Metropolis in the heart of Europe: Vienna offers its guests many sights, culture and music

– With a German course in Vienna you get to know the country and people better, because you understand the language

Vienna is a very safe city with an especially high living quality