Placement test English

Bitte füllen Sie den Test ohne Hilfe von Büchern oder Freunden aus. Dieser Test besteht aus 40 Fragen und gibt Ihnen eine ungefähre Einstufung in eine der 6 Stufen des Gemeinsamen Europäischen Referenzrahmens. Das Ergebnis wird Ihnen per E-Mail zugesandt.

Please complete this test without any help from books or your friends. This test has 40 questions and will give an approximate placement in one of the 6 levels of the European Framework of Reference. The test is evaluated and the result is being sent by e-mail.

1. What's __________ name? Jane Edwards.
2. Is this your bag?
3. Sam _________ a doctor, he's a teacher at the university.
4. __________ two hundred students in my school.
5. Do you live in Munich? Yes, __________
6. Those are very nice __________. Where did you buy them?
7. __________ bag is this? It's mine.
8. She __________ a house in the town centre.
9. I like your new car. How much __________ for it?
10. Excuse me, waiter. Can you bring me the __________, please?
11. Is there any food left? __________
12. He __________ in an office every morning from eight to twelve.
13. I'm hungry. __________ something to eat, please.
14. I bought this house ____________________.
15. Switzerland is __________ than Britain.
16. ____________________ drive you to the airport?
17. She's never __________ to New York.
18. Hamlet _____________ by William Shakespeare.
19. __________ you ever visited London?
20. We need to walk more ________________ or we will miss our bus.
21. It's a very long day for Jack. He doesn't get home from school __________ six o'clock.
22. A friend of __________ phoned this morning but __________ didn't leave a message.
23. We __________ lunch when the phone __________.
24. You __________ open the door before the train gets into the station. It's very dangerous.
25. Once she ____________ the letter, she posted it immediately.
26. __________ she likes coffee, she prefers tea.
27. It's the best film __________. You should go and see it.
28. I always take an umbrella __________ it rains.
29. This time next week ___________ on the beach in the Caribbean.
30. By the time he was five, Beethoven ________________ several pieces of music.
31. You __________ come with us if you don't want to.
32. ______________________ to him, I could have prevented the accident.
33. She's just bought a brand new car so she __________ be able to drive.
34. I ____________ drinking last year, but I didn't.
35. The President ____________ the new museum yesterday, but it still isn't finished.
36. No sooner ___________ in through the door than the phone rang.
37. I'd sooner ___________ a car than a motorbike.
38. It's time __________ some work.
39. It's now 9 o'clock and the train ___________arrive at 8:15.
40. We regret ___________ that the course has been cancelled.
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